Samsung Jumps to the Head of the Plasma Line


This is going to surprise some people. In the first four months of 2011, Samsung led the US plasma market with 41.3 percent of all the plasma TVs sold here, according to analyst group NPD. The previous number one plasma spot had been occupied by Panasonic, which focuses mostly on plasma TVs (though this year the company does offer LCD up to 42-inches). This Samsung the company launched 19 new plasma TVs to the market covering eight product series—many of them with 3D capability.

Samsung also claims to be the top selling TV brand overall, with a large number of those TVs from the popular LED LCD category.

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But what’s the driving factor? Is it 3D? Internet-connected (smart TV)? Style? Samsung boasts 48 percent of the smart TV market share this year, January through April. That’s not a surprise as Samsung also has the most robust app market and app interface I’ve seen yet on a TV. About a week ago the company announced that app downloads via their TVs have passed the 5 million mark.

The apps that so far have proved the most popular include video services like YouTube, Vimeo and Blockbuster, plus news/information services including USA Today and Accuweather.

Samsung says more than 550 applications are currently available in Samsung Apps, with gaming, video and information apps accounting for nearly 60 percent.


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