Samsung Debuts Bluetooth 3D Glasses

New glasses aim to add comfort into the at-home 3D experience.


It could already be time for new 3D add-ons — if you own a Samsung 3D TV.

Last week, the manufacturer was showing off a new concept for 3D eyewear. However, the big hook on these glasses is that they incorporate Bluetooth technology instead of the usual infrared. The new glasses are designed to work with Samsung’s 2011 3D TV models and beyond.

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According to, the addition of Bluetooth will eliminate the need for line of sight. The new glasses should also make the viewing experience less weighty; these clock in at under 1 ounce. In fact, they actually look more like a headband than big, bulky glasses.

An optional charger would be able to power up to four pairs of glasses at once.

There’s no word on when the new glasses will be available, as well as the stand-alone price. However, there is a rumor that they could be packaged with select (and soon-to-be-released) Samsung 3D TV products.


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