Samsung Blu-ray Players Send Movies to the Cloud

New UltraViolet enabled players load your movies onto a Flixster digital locker for anywhere access.


Samsung BD-ES6000

If you have a large collection of DVDs and want to be able to watch them on a smart phone, tablet or smart TV without having to lug the discs around, the new Disc to Digital Blu-ray players from Samsung will appeal to you. Two new Samsung Blu-ray player, model BD-ES6000 and model BD-E6500 include Wi-Fi internet connectivity which allows the user to instantly register their existing DVDs to their UltraViolet account onto a personal digital cloud locker on Flixster. Once registered, those movies can be viewed anywhere, anytime with a variety of connected devices, including of, course Samsung smart TVs, smart phones and Android tablets.

If you’d like to own a high-definition digital copy of your movies you can purchase that through Flixster as well.

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The service does not currently support the registration of UltraViolet Blu-ray titles, but a rep at the Samsung booth says that will be coming as a firmware upgrade.

In addition to the UltraViolet feature, both players give users access to Samsung’s Smart Hub suite of online features, so you don’t need to upgrade your whole TV to experience new smart TV services. The players also include a feature Samsung is calling BD Wise which automatically adjusts the TV settings for a better picture for each scenario. Built-in DLNA connectivity also allow the players to access content stored on a PC or DLNA hard drive.

New Player App

A new iOS or Android smart phone or tablet remote control app for the players includes MovieNote which provides users with detailed information on movies they are currently watching, including plot synopsis, actor and director biography information.

When the smartphone is connected to the same home network as a Samsung Blu-ray player, users can control their Blu-ray player with the QWERTY keyboard.

More about UltraViolet and a list of UV movies can be found here.


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