Russound Debuts New Controllers, Speaker Upgrades

The company is planning two controllers, one streamer, eight speakers, and more.

Russound's MCA-88X.

Russound is getting a jump on next month’s CEDIA Expo, by flooding us with a slew of interesting announcements. The company is planning a total of two new controllers, one streamer, amps (to be announced soon), and speaker upgrades.

First, the company will pack Bluetooth into a pair of new MCA controllers. Both the MCA-66 and MCA-88 offer the option of streaming music wirelessly from phones and tablets. However, each model also has three digital inputs, as well as updated IR code libraries to control any AV source, and the option to connect up to six controllers — for a whopping 48 zones.

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The MCA-66 is designed for smaller installs, with up to six sources and up to six independent zones. The MCA-88 is a high-fidelity amp, allowing any eight sources in eight independent zones. It also has tons of inputs, including eight analog, three digital, one paging, and one Bluetooth.

Other features on both models include Ethernet, the built-in RIO (Russound I/O) communication protocol, and support for the My Russound app for iOS and Android devices. Also worth mentioning is that the MCA-66 and the MCA-88 can be paired with the newly announced MCA-88X Streaming Multizone Controller and the XStream X5 Wireless Controller Streamer.

Speaking of which, the MCA-88X Digital Streaming Multizone Controller will be making its debut at next month’s show. The MCA-88X is an eight-source, eight-zone controller with built-in XStream Technology for snagging content from the cloud, your home network, connected portables, and more. It has six zones of cool-running digital amplification at 40 watts per channel, with line-level outputs for outboard amplification, wireless expansion and subzone use for up to eight zones per chassis.

This model can also be scaled up to 48 zones. Besides analog, digital, and paging sources, it’s also Bluetooth-compatible with the use of Russound’s BTC-1X Bluetooth Extender. The MCA-88X also works with the My Russound app, as well as keypads and TS3 touchscreens.

Russound is also planning to add eight new models to its Acclaim speaker lineup. Each one has an edgeless bezel design, magnetic grilles, and more. Designed for almost any install, Acclaim speakers are offered in round and square shapes. The two lines will include the Performance Series for in-ceiling installs and a High Resolution Series for “critical listening areas” that may require a little more oomph. Each model offers a choice of two-way designs with a flat, non-angled woofer (RSF Models) or an angled woofer (RSA Models).

Available in 6- and 8-inch versions, each Acclaim speaker also has a curved tweeter bridge, aluminum and Kapton voicecoils, and woofer cone materials ranging from pure polypropylene to custom polypropylene-mica and polypropylene-carbon fiber blends.

Two of the new Acclaim speakers include the compact RSF-635, which can be installed in a space as shallow as only 2.72 inches, as well as the High Resolution RSA-635. The latter has a center channel adjustment switch, making it easy to place the speaker where you want it, without having to worry about the ideal acoustic position.

Last in the line of new announcements is a pair of accessories. The EZB-8 Speaker Terminal Block can connect up to eight pairs of speakers to a single stereo amplifier, while the ALT-126R is a new wall-mounted, 126-watt volume control.

Stay tuned for more information on the new amps and other CEDIA news as it gets closer to the show.

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