Runco Promises Awesome Images with XtremeProjection Projector Series

All three of the new 3D projectors promise screen sizes from 171 to 235 inches.


Runco was stunning a few eyeballs at last week’s CEDIA Expo. The company debuted three new projectors for its XtremeProjection Series. The models include the X-200i, X-400d, and X-450d.

Designed specifically for high-end home theaters, the XtremeProjection Series can fill screen sizes ranging from 171 to 235 inches. All three also include DLP-based SuperOnyx technology, which boasts stunning 2D and 3D images. Each one of the new models also comes packing three pairs of active 3D glasses.

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The X-200i is a single-chip DLP projector with 1,430 ANSI lumens. The X-400d bumps that up to 2100 ANSI lumens and a contrast ratio of over 10,000:1. The X-450d has a brightness of over 3780 ANSI lumens. Other features on all three include the ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite and the Dimension Digital Controller (DC-300). The DC-300 also boasts connectivity options and installation flexibility.

All three are available with CineWide and CineWide with AutoScope lens technology options, for a 2.35:1 theatrical experience. Runco’s ColourPalette design options are also available, so you can match the projector to your room’s theme.

“Runco’s legacy in incomparable visual experiences continues with this new XtremeProjection series,” said Jennifer Davis, vice president of marketing for Runco. “These new systems demonstrate our commitment to the success of dealers and the delight of their clients, with exceptional video performance, beautiful 3D performance, and the features and options that make Runco a perfect fit for any theater design, all at a great price.”

Runco will start shipping the XtremeProjection Series this month. Prices will start at $14,995 for the X-200i, $34,995 for the X-400d, and $39,995 for the X-450d. Lens and CineWide options will cost extra. All Runco projectors also include a two-year RuncoCare warranty, with Runco RedCarpet and PremierCare extended service options also available.


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