Runco Launches New LED Home Theater Projector

The QuantumColor boasts 70 percent power savings.


Are you worried that a projector will eat up your energy budget? No? Neither are we. But just in case, Runco has come up with a new “lampless” LED projector that uses about 70 percent less power than a traditional DLP projector.

But energy savings isn’t the only reason to be excited about the new Runco QuantumColor Q-650i. In fact it’s not even near the top of the list. This unit incorporates several of Runco’s proprietary picture features, including SmartColor, ColorContrast, Q-lumens, and InstantOn.

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One thing to note, this is not a projector designed for a very large screen theater. Runco recommends it for screen sizes 50- to 65-inches ( Update: Runco has corrected that to 72-92) with a maximum of 82 108. So if your mind if set on a 100-inch or larger screen, then you should check out the Q-1500d instead. Update: Runco now reports that the maximum screen size is 108-inches.

The Q-650i ships to Runco dealers later this month for $9,999.


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