Runco Adds 3D to LightStyle Home Theater Projector Line

Adds active-shutter glasses and a new outboard processor.


It seems like just a few days ago I was writing about one of Runco’s LightStyle home theater projectors and pointing out that you still couldn’t get 3D in that product line. Oh, yes, it was just a few days ago.

Well, now Runco has added the 3D LS-12d to the LightStyle line. I was correct for a few days at least. The LS-12d is a three-chip DLP projector and uses active LCD glasses to complete the 3D effect (the company also offers projectors with passive glasses in a different product series).

The $27,995 projector puts out 2,100 ANSI lumens (1,845 calibrated) making it a very bright unit, which is needed for both 3D image creation and for viewing with some ambient light—important when being used in multi-purpose rooms, what Runco calls “Flex Theaters.”

In addition to the 3D feature, the LS-12d will be the first projector to ship with the new DC-300 outboard video controller ($9,999 when purchased without the projector). It also comes with three sets of 3D glasses.

You can find more details on the LS-12d here.


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