Royal Home Theater Treatment Hits the Deadline

Décor as impressive as the audio/video

The classic theaters of yesteryear probably took years to design and build. The owners of this opulent home theater didn’t have that kind of time. They told First Impressions Theme Theatres they needed the room done and ready for family time in three months—in time for Christmas.

We’ve come to expect over-the-top designs from First Impressions home theaters, and this one hits the spot. Luxurious royal red fabric walls conceal acoustic treatments and hide speakers. Gold accented pillars and pilasters, crystal lighting fixtures, imported Scottish carpeting and dark mahogany wood all give this room a classic and lavish feel.

When the lights go off (which they do automatically at the press of one button, thanks to a Control4 system), a SIM2 Crystal Cube DLP projector lights up the 153-inch (2.35:1 aspect ratio) Vutec acoustic screen. Behind the screen hide Paradigm speakers. Paradigm in-wall subwoofers are also concealed in the room. An Integra home theater receiver and Oppo Blu-ray player are the electronics behind the scenes.

With so much design elegance in this theater, the homeowners didn’t want to interrupt the colors and concept by having a projector hanging from the middle of the ceiling (which would also get in the way of the gorgeous crystal chandelier and mill work). To hide the SIM2, Sound Components of Coral Gables, FL, installed the unit in the room behind the back wall, which happens to be a laundry room. The projector is housed in a hush box which also houses the Panamorph anamorphic lens. The hush box has its own ventilation system to keep the projector running cool.

Aside from making the room look stunning and offering a great audio/video experience, First Impressions was also directed to make sure there was room for family and friends—because if you have a room like this, you want to show it off. The 18.4′ x 16.6′ theater includes seating for 10 with four reclining Cinelounger seats on the floor and a three-step riser to the six upper seats. The high riser makes sure that the viewers get a clear view of the screen and not the back of someone’s head. The main center seats include custom embroidering labeling those as the homeowners’ places of honor.

Another custom addition was the small stage under the screen so the family’s children have a place to put on their own performances when not enjoying a movie.

Check out all the details in the slideshow.

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