Rotel Introduces 4 New Home Theater Products

The company has a new CD player and three amps coming soon.


The flagship RMB-1585 Home Theater Power Amp.

Rotel is kicking off the week with four brand new home theater components. The company just introduced the RCD-1570 CD Player, the RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier, the RMB-1555 Multichannel Audio Power Amp, and the RMB-1585 Home Theater Power Amp.

First up is the lone CD player, the RCD-1570. As part of Rotel’s new 15 Series, this model has the Wolfson WM8740 digital filter/stereo digital-to-analog converter, two digital filter modes, and a slot-loading disc transport. Packing in XRL connectors and RCA connectors, the RCD-1570 will start selling in May for $999.

Not to confuse you with similar numbers, but there is another 1570. Featuring 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier boasts a classic analog design with contemporary digital circuits. Other features include a high-capacity power supply, an oversized toroidal transformer, T-Network capacitors, and the Wolfson WM8740 stereo D/A converter. It also has a nice input selection, with a front-panel USB input, a rear-panel asynchronous PC-USB input to support files up to 24/bit/192kHz, two coaxial (RCA) and two optical (TOSlink) inputs, balanced XLR connections, and conventional RCA jacks. Priced at $1,599, Rotel will also start selling the RA-1570 Integrated Amplifier in May.

Next in the lineup is the RMB-1555 Multichannel Power Amplifier, which has Rotel’s Balanced Design Concept. Rated conservatively at 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, the RMB-1555 can drive speakers in some of the largest rooms. Other features include a Rotel-built toroidal transformer, discrete output transistors, a Class AB amplifier configuration, a 12-volt remote control trigger, single-ended RCA inputs, and a detachable IEC-type AC cord. The RMB-1555 will start selling this summer, with an MSRP of $1,699.

Last in the new lineup is the RMB-1585 Multichannel Power Amplifier. This flagship component is designed for all of you videophiles out there, with five channels that can do 200 continuous watts each into 8-ohm loads. (That’s a full kilowatt of output power!) It also has Rotel’s own Balanced Design Concept, dual toroidal transformers, the Slit-Foil capacitor and eight British-made BHC Slit-Foil caps, each with a capacity of 15,000 µF. Other features inclue six individual power transistors, dual fans, and plenty of input options. That lineup includes single-ended inputs via RCA jacks or balanced connections via three-pin XLR connectors. Coming this summer, the RMB-1585 will be priced at $2,999.


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