Roku Rolls Out Software Upgrade, More Features Coming Soon

The streaming set-top maker just announced a few tweaks, with others to come.


Roku started rolling out an upgrade over the weekend — although it probably wasn’t too obvious. The company announced its new 4.8 software via the Roku blog, saying that Roku 2, Roku LT and new Roku HD players would automatically receive the upgrade.

“Like most of our software updates, this release is a combination of improvements, bug fixes, and new features for the Roku platform,” said the announcement.

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The most obvious difference is that Roku users can now opt for Spanish and German settings. If you’re looking to change the UI, just go to Settings from the Roku home screen.

However, the most impressive is that users may notice a difference in the overall experience. The company says they’ve made a few tweaks to make the boxes more responsive in certain situations and improve playback performance, which may be really noticeable on the MLB.TV and GBTV channels.

Finally, Roku says that the software upgrade includes some “under the hood preparations” for upcoming channels, new features, and upgrades for the Roku iPhone and Android apps. There’s no word on what any of those might be, so you’ll have to live with the tease for now.

Roku has already started pushing the upgrade to Roku 2 and Roku LT players, with plans to deliver to Roku HD players this week. If you’re anxious, go to Settings, then Software update, and Check now on your Roku player to update manually.


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