Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies Debuts with One Bar Soundbar

The company's launch product promises panoramic 3D sound by separately addressing the right and left ears.

If you’re going to launch an audio company, it makes sense to start with a soundbar. The category is certainly a hot one right now. Plus, you can put all of your energy into the one product and have it be a complete audio system! For many audio buyers, a soundbar can be the solution to their home theater speaker problem.

Well, new company Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies is doing something slightly different with its debut product, the One Bar. This newly announced soundbar boasts panoramic 3D sound by separately addressing the right and left ears — but all from one single location.

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According to Right-Ear/Left-Ear Technologies, the One Bar soundbar “actually ‘talks’ differently to each ear.” The end result promises to create a room-filling soundstage. It does that via 16 power amplifiers, 16 full-range speakers and 8 passive radiators, as well as a Raspberry Pi Linux computer module for Wi-Fi streaming.

“Producing the width, height and depth of sound for each ear was the easy part,” said Marty Zanfino, one of the company’s founders. “It’s been done with headphones. The hard part was doing it in a home theater environment while preventing the right ear from detecting the sound intended for the left ear and vice versa. That required a custom 16-channel parallel processor.”

Engineered and manufactured in the U.S., the One Bar has started shipping in the San Francisco Bay Area with an MSRP of $4,500. The company does plan to expand throughout the U.S. and internationally, but if you can’t wait, you can contact the company directly to get the goods.

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