Review: Yamaha RX-A1010 AVENTAGE Receiver

Solid build and tons of features


Yamaha has once again put forth a solid offering in the highly competitive $1k price category with their new RX-A1010 Aventage 7.1 Channel Networking A/V receiver. The performance and feature set of the RX-A1010 should make Yamaha and its owners proud of this middle child A/V receiver.

Over the last couple of years, Yamaha has been paying close attention to reviewer and customer feedback on their receivers as evident by the improved sound and build quality that birthed the Aventage lineup. Take time to set this baby up the right way, feed it a good speaker system, and you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. Don’t doubt for a minute that you can’t have a good two-channel and multi-channel experience with the RX-A1010 because I found it to be quite a musical receiver too. At this price point you have a lot of options from competitor products but the Yamaha RX-A1010 should be at the top of the list for your consideration especially if you want to take advantage of all of the latest networking streaming music options.

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It’s hard to keep up with technology in such a fast paced tech world, but Yamaha doesn’t seem to simply keep up so much as they seem to set trends. Last year, when Yamaha launched their AVENTAGE line of receivers, we knew they meant business. AVENTAGE was designed with the audiophile in mind. Yamaha beefed up the amplifier and analog sections in their entire AVENTAGE line of receivers while still providing a full fledged set of features not found in many of their competitor models. The RX-A1010 represents the middle of their AVENTAGE lineup of A/V receivers. At just under $1,100, the 7.1 channel RX-A1010 has just about every networking feature and streaming service currently available while also supporting all of the latest HD audio and video formats, including full 3D support. Let’s take a tour of this receiver to see why it earns its AVENTAGE badge and see why it’s NOT just a problematic middle child.

Yamaha supports every current audio CODEC on the market and most of the major streaming services. If you can connect it, the RX-A1010 will play it and even convert it to 7.1 surround sound or employ a music enhancer mode to increase the perceived fidelity of compressed MP3 audio. I, for one, am tickled pink that this receiver supports Pandora streaming services which I use every day around the house and at the office.

Yamaha has thrown a lot of goodies into the RX-A1010 A/V receiver. For one, you’ve got full control of your RX-A1010 via a FREE downloadable Apple iPhone or Android App. In fact, Yamaha just announced an update to their App ver 2.0 which allows you to stream audio directly from your Smart Phone to the receiver. Want to impress your friends? Just show them how you are controlling your entire home theater system via your smart phone. That is certainly a worthy conversational piece at parties while you are slamming some brews with your buds and switching out the tunes (it’s even more impressive if you’re standing in the back yard listening to outdoor speakers!) Yamaha’s App gives you a lot more control over your AVENTAGE receiver than it did with its first iteration on the RX-Z7 and the graphical interface is much improved too.

The RX-A1010 has a lot of goes-intos and goes-outas on the RX-A1010 just like you would expect from a receiver of this caliber. Two HDMI outputs (simultaneous, but not independent) and 8 HDMI inputs ensures you’ve got enough connects for all of your HD devices. The RX-A1010 will upconvert all of your 480i/p digital or analog video signals to 1080p via HDMI which is great for supporting your legacy devices without having to run legacy type cables to your display device. You can connect up to 9 pairs of speakers to the RX-A1010 (seven for the main zone and two for zone 2). The speaker connectors are high quality binding post, no cheesy spring clips here.

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