Review: Status Acoustics 8T Speakers

Hand-made craftsmanship at its finest


The folks at Audioholics are pretty lucky lately. They’re spending time with some pretty awesome speakers right now, the Status Acoustics 8Ts. These are custom-made speakers built by RBH sound. They stand about 5.5 feet high, and are built of elements that were acquired from the future via a time machine.

Well, maybe not, but the speakers are a fine concoction of exotic materials including beryllium, platinum, and whatnot. The full review goes into a lot of detail about the speakers’ construction, all the way down to the binding posts and wires. Here’s a little of the guys’ first reactions upon listing to the beauties:

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To start off our listening tests we queued up a CD from Anne Bisson called Blue Mind. Track #3 “Hoping Love Will Last” began with piano, which we found to sound wide and live. To our ears, it was like the walls of the room moved back about 20 feet in all directions and we were listening in a private hall to our own personal concert. Then the vocals poured in and we could hear every single nuance of Anne’s voice. Sibilance had depth that simply didn’t sound like it was being played back from a CD. When the bass dropped in we were sucked in completely. Lunch, dinner, nothing mattered anymore except listening to “one more track”.

To read the entire review go to Audioholics here, or go here to share your thoughts in the forum.


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