Review: RBH SX-6300 Reference Speakers

There’s not much about the RBH Sound SX-6300/R loudspeaker system not to like.


I’ve always like RBH speakers, and the reference line especially. It’s always a pleasure to stop by the company booth at trade shows to give their latest systems a listen. Audioholics recently checked out the slim tower models SX-6300/R. These speakers, outfitted with aluminum drivers and silk-dome tweeters, combine quality components and engineering in a fairly affordable unit.

Here’s some of what Audioholics had to say:

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The RBH Sound SX-6300/R is a full range 3-way six driver tower speaker system that features their premium Status Acoustics driver upgrades found in their more expensive product offerings. This system easily reveals any faults in the signal chain feeding it. If you’re keen on unleashing the SX-6300/Rs in all their sonic glory than the best upstream electronics your budget allows is definitely called for. It was surprising to hear the sonic differences that were apparent when trying the system with different power amps during recreational listening sessions. This was an easy loudspeaker system to get correctly positioned within the listening space for achieving great sound. There’s not much about the RBH Sound SX-6300/R loudspeaker system not to like, though we hope more finish options other than matte black oak will be offered in the future. Their small footprint and phenomenal sound will likely score points with those audiophiles not having a whole lot of free floor space available. All in all RBH have done a fine job in creating what will no doubt be yet another successful product line.

And …

The SX-6300/Rs performed like a window, allowing the listener to peer into the session that produced the track, conveying an authentic sense of the musicalness contained within it. The SX-6300/Rs have an uncanny knack for reproducing a musical passage without interpreting it, revealing all the weaknesses or strengths of the track, for better or worse. Sweet!

And …

To put the SX-6300/Rs half dozen 6.5” woofers through their paces I got out the Crown SASS Microphone Demo CD and played back a number of well-recorded drum tracks. With the gain cranked, the drum kit in each if the tracks came through with a palpable realism that was genuinely exciting to experience. Especially outstanding was how cleanly the SX-6300/Rs rendered the transients essential to the sound of any percussion instrument along with the ability to fill the room with the chest-thumping acoustic power of the toms and kick drum. One thing for sure here – the S-6300/Rs love to soak up power, so heed RBH’s power recommendations (100 – 300W). The SX-6300/Rs handled the low end so well you could probably get away with not having a sub on hand for two-channel listening, though, as always, I recommend a sub should you use the SX-6300/Rs as part of a home theatre audio rig.

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