Review: Klipsch SW-311 Subwoofer

Building big sound in small boxes requires tough decisions.


All home theaters need subwoofers, even your basic living room system, the one you thought only needed a simple soundbar, would sound much richer with a good sub. But many people don’t want a big awkward box taking up space. The SW-311 subwoofer from Klipsch is small-ish at a few shavings bigger than a one foot cube, but it packs in 500 Watts of power to give your movies and music that extra punch they need.

Audioholics recently spent time going over the the SW-311 and here’s what they had to say:

The Klipsch’s SW-311 is a very small subwoofer with a rather impressive list of attributes and features. Utilizing a 500w amplifier powering a 10″ active driver and dual 10″ side firing passive radiator’s along with Klipsch’s proprietary ARC II auto room correction equalization and an LCD screen with push button DSP control panel, there is a lot to the SW-311. All of this is built into a svelte 13″x13″x14″ box, making the SW-311 enclosure a jam packed power and technology workhorse. The little Klipsch also carries a surprising amount of output for its size with very little distortion even when pushed to its limits. Used within its limits, the Klipsch SW-311 will perform admirably in small to medium sized rooms, hence why it earned our “Medium Room” Bassaholic rating. This is a well designed and rock steady subwoofer with WAF that is about as good as it gets.

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So it won’t rattle the kitchen dishes out of the cabinets with dinosaur foot stomps. Expecting big 20Hz power out of a subwoofer this small is simply unrealistic. This little guy is surprising with what it will do and on music in particular, which doesn’t do much below 30 or even 40Hz to begin with, I thought it was great.

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