Review: Emotiva XSP-1 Preamplifier

Audioholics gives us a peek at this high-end home theater preamp.


Emotiva has been cranking out the products lately. The company’s latest is the XSP-1 Differential Reference Preamp — and our friends over at Audioholics got to take a look at it.

After working on the product for about two years, Emotiva delivers the XSP-1 as a combination of audiophile topology with an advanced, digital control system. However, it does all of that at a very gimme-worthy price of $899.

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It also has a ton of drool-worthy features, including a balanced home theater bypass mode, instrumentation grade relays with silver clad contacts, and phono preamplifier options with inputs for both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. It even has a balanced home theater bypass mode for ease of use with high-end surround sound systems, as well as contour controls to tailor the high- and low-frequency responses.

“As you’d expect from Emotiva, they’ve put together a very solid offering in the XSP-1 Differential Reference Preamp,” says Audioholics writer Andrew Gash. “What you won’t expect is the $900 price tag for a fully balanced stereo preamp with top of the line construction and parts. With every single aspect of the XSP-1 well planned and thought out, we can think of nothing they forgot.”

There’s also an in-depth video review, if you want to get a closer peek. To watch the video or read the entire review on, go here. You can also share your thoughts on the product and the review in the Audioholics forum.


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