RedMere is the Secret to Super-Thin HDMI Cables

Company claims HDMI cables made with its chip are thinner, lighter, and more flexible.


Next time you buy up one of those super-thin HDMI cables from VIZIO, Samsung, Monster, RadioShack, and others, you can thank RedMere. They are the ones making that cable so compact.

While many consumers believe that a cable is a cable is a cable, there’s no denying that RedMere has created something truly unique. Designed to be both flexible and portable, the Irish company has created technology that boasts sturdy signal strength and quality in extra-thin, light, and flexible cables.

Cables with the RedMere stamp have a small, self-powered chip built into a cable connector with HDMI technology. The chip is designed to boost the signal, and still handle the data rate.

In the home, RedMere can reduce some of that cable clutter. When traveling, these cables are as portable as the cameras, smartphones, tablet PCs, and gaming devices you may need to connect on the go. According to RedMere, these cables are 70 to 80 percent thinner and lighter than the typical HDMI cable. That means you should be able to fit a 10-foot cable into your pocket. Imagine the space it would leave in your backpack, suitcase, or even behind an AV cabinet!

Cables with RedMere’s active technology are available for products using any of three of connector types used for HDMI technology, including the D-size micro connectors found on the latest digital cameras and other portable gadgets. According to Peter Smyth, RedMere founder and CEO, RedMere-powered cables are also being produced in lengths more than 50 feet, making them perfect for home theater use.

For more information about RedMere cable, as well as the companies branding those cables, check out the company’s website.


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