Redbox to Get a Jump on Sony Movies

A new deal allows Redbox to rent Sony titles the day each one is released.


One of the not-so-great things about Redbox, Netflix and even the local video store (anyone?) is that a lot of those places don’t have new movies the day they’re released on DVD and Blu-ray. Studios pad in a few days or even weeks, so that maybe your impatient side wins out, and you buy that copy of Battleship, Wrath of the Titans, or some other impulse purchase.

Now, Redbox is closing the gap — at least with Sony Pictures. The company says (via Engadget) that the two have signed a deal that will allow Redbox to rent Sony movies the same day they go on sale in stores.

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Another nice perk is that Redbox will have the option to license Sony movies on Blu-ray. The deal goes through September 2014, with Sony having the option to extend the deal. Either way, you should expect to see a slightly fresher selection at your local Redbox kiosk very soon.

“On behalf of consumers, Redbox always looks to create win-win relationships with our studio partners,” Galen Smith, Redbox’s senior vice president. “We are happy to extend our relationship with Sony and continue to provide consumers day and date access to the biggest new release movies on DVD and Blu-ray at an incredible value.”


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