Redbox Instant Starts Streaming on LG HDTVs

The streaming service is currently still in beta mode.


We’ve been hearing about Redbox Instant for quite a while. We first reported on the company’s plans to launch a streaming service back in February 2012. The idea was to have Redbox compete with the likes of Netflix and Amazon Instant Video. For some reason, Redbox Instant is still in beta mode. That said, the service is gradually making itself available to more viewers.

Redbox Instant just tweeted plans to start streaming on select LG Smart TVs. It’s not available on LG Blu-ray players; only those select web-enabeld LG HDTVs.

If you have the Xbox 360, you can partake in Redbox Instant. In fact, the streaming service has a list of all sorts of compatible devices on its website.

Despite still being in beta mode, Redbox Instant is taking on new subscribers. After a free one-month trial, subscribers can sign up and pay $8 per month for the service. That fee includes four DVD credits that can be redeemed at any Redbox kiosk, as well as unlimited streaming. [via Engadget]


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