QP Optoelectronics Plans CloudView DLP Pico Projector

The DLP ultra-short-throw pico projector will debut at next month's 2013 International CES.


Chinese company QP Optoelectronics Co. Ltd. will have a little something on hand at next month’s 2013 International CES — literally. The company is planning to debut its CloudView pico projector.

The hook on this pint-sized video device is that it’s a DLP ultra-short-throw pico projector. The company says that it should be able to project images five to 10 times larger than the average pico projector, depending on your distance. As an example, QP Optoelectronics says that the device can deliver a 50-inch image from about 20 inches away.

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“Consumers are wanting to have the largest displayed image possible at even the closest distances, such as desk surface, table cloth, or even someone’s hand,” said James Lupino, QP Optoelectonics’ VP of business development. “Our innovations and this product in particular is the first to solve this demand of consumers and we expect that it will appeal to most users who expect pico-projectors to produce a big screen display in close proximity.”

QP Optoelectronics plans to start selling CloudView in the second quarter of 2013. The company will have CloudView on display at next month’s 2013 International CES. The company also plans to show CloudView with 3D screen technology, although no other info about that option has been announced.


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