Pure Starts Shipping Jongo Multiroom Music System

The Jongo S3 Wireless Speaker and Jongo A2 Multiroom HiFi Adapter are available now.

It used to be that when you wanted multiroom audio, you had to run wires. Oh, the horror! Of course, we’ve seen (and reviewed) a few different wireless speaker systems. Some of these options allow for music in one room, with others making for a nice, easy whole-house solution.

Pure is looking to squeeze into the wireless arena, with a pair of products that can squeeze music into any area of the home.

The company just announced that its Jongo system is now shipping. The setup includes the Jongo S3 portable speaker and the Jongo A2 wireless multiroom HiFi adapter. Both products pack in the power of WiFi and Bluetooth, in order to make beautiful music throughout the house. Each one can also be paired up with the free Pure Connect iOS app, which is available now for iPhone and iPad users.

The nifty thing about Jongo products is that each one can be used alone by streaming content from any Bluetooth-enabled device. However, you can also pair it with other Pure devices, such as the Sensia 200D Connect and One Flow. All that’s needed to build a multiroom system is Jongo speakers or adapters on the WiFi network.

The Pure Jongo S3 is a portable wireless speaker that can crank out 360 degrees of sound via four tweeters, an upward-firing subwoofer and individual power amplifiers. It’s also rechargeable, promising at least 10 hours of playtime on a single charge.

The Jongo A2 multiroom HiFi adapter can turn any audio system into a music streamer. It also has a 24-bit internal DAC (digital to analog converter), as well as optical and coaxial digital and dual (RCA) phono analog audio outputs.

“Multiroom audio has never been so accessible and flexible. Pure’s Jongo system in tandem with the Pure Connect app delivers an incredibly easy way to enjoy your favorite audio content throughout the home,” said Noam Meppen, Pure’s director of sales in the U.S. “We are the first to integrate a comprehensive on-demand music and compelling free radio service, with a range of our own products making the experience truly seamless. We are approaching a quarter of a million engaged users of the Pure Connect platform and we believe that the introduction of Jongo will grow this significantly.”

Available in black or piano (white with black covers), as well as with a range of optional speaker grilles and slipcovers, the Jongo S3 and Jongo A2 are selling now for $199 and $129, respectively.

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