PSB Gets Small with SubSeries 100 Subwoofer

The ultra-compact sub promises deep bass at a low price.

Just because you want to put boom into your room doesn’t mean you have to put a big giant subwoofer into your room. PSB Speakers is adding a compact option to its lineup, known as the SubSeries 100.

Designed as a companion to PSB’s Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker, this new sub can work with any desktop home theater, computer audio or even gaming applications. It’s nice and compact, but doesn’t skimp on the sound quality.

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The SubSeries 100 features a 5.25-inch woofer and a 50-watt (continuous) Class D amplifier that can deliver 100 watts of dynamic peak power with the amp specifically matched to the driver. For even more bass, a second SubSeries 100 can be easily added.

Measuring 6.38-by-6.38-by-7.88 inches, the SubSeries 100 can fit right on your desktop and has a plug-and-play design. Other features include volume and crossover controls, a phase switch, and line-level inputs.

PSB plans to start shipping the SubSeries 100 sometime in October. Expect the MSRP on the sub to be listed at $249.

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