Proforma Mounts and Bases Accessorize Your AV Setup

The new line of accessories can complement most of today's flat-screen HDTVs.


There’s a new kid on the block, and they want to make your AV setup look nice. A company named Proforma is making itself known, with a new line of home entertainment accessories.

This company isn’t just another flash in the pan; they’re backed by more than 30 years of combined marketing and engineering experience. They also have Sony to make sure that the company’s name (and its products!) gets out to consumers. For now, Sony will distribute Proforma products, which includes a variety of wall mounts and TV bases.

The initial Proforma offering will include single and dual stud, low profile Gallery Style TV wall-mounts. Designed to accommodate flat-panel TVs from 40 to 60 inches, each one hangs like a picture frame. That single-stud model uses a cable harness and a wall hook, while the dual-stud version provides up to 13 inches of lateral adjustment. Both boast a low profile, Flush Wire Mount design that extends an inch or less from the wall. Each one also comes with all of the hardware needed to complete the install.

“Proforma products deliver a unique value proposition to consumers who are looking for simple, yet elegant solutions to the complex challenges posed by electronics in the home environment,” said Jeff Goldstein, VP of marketing. “Our products have been created using extensive feedback from consumers and have been thoroughly tested to ensure universal compatibility with every manufacturer’s products.”

Other products include two-in-one TV bases (pictured) for TVs that are 65 inches and up. Available in black or mahogany, each one also has an integrated, 70-degree swivel mount and a tempered glass shelf. Like the other Proforma products, this also comes with all required hardware and cable management solutions.

Expect the full line of Proforma products to be available starting in September 2011.


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