Proficient ZERO For More Audio without Wires

The wireless audio transmitter goes 90 feet and includes IR pass-through for remote control.


Getting music all around the house would be a whole lot easier if it weren’t for those pesky wires getting in the way of everything.

Proficient has an answer to that called ZERO (for zero wires, I presume). The company is showing off the new product at this week’s CEDIA Expo.

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ZERO is built on the company’s AirFlex system, and is said to be able to transmit stereo audio up to 90 feet. The two-part system consists of a transmitter, which would connect to your receiver or pre-amp, and the receiver/amplifier that gets placed wherever you want your sound. Connect a set of speakers to the wireless receiver, and you’re done.

Among the new features is the ability to expand the system to include eight receivers per transmitter. The receiver also has an IR pass-through capability, which allows you to use your original equipment remote (from your home theater receiver, for example) in the room the ZERO receiver is located.

Each ZERO transmitter includes three analog audio channels and a digital optical. The system can also be used for wireless surround speakers in a home theater setting. The receiver outputs 35 watts per channel (two channels) via a built-in digital amplifier.

A complete system (one transmitter and one receiver) will run $450. Additional receivers are priced at $250 each.


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