Procella Debuts Compact Speakers Ahead of CEDIA

The P5 speaker and the P12 subwoofer represent new sizes and new price points for the company.

The compact P5 loudspeaker.

With CEDIA 2014 just two weeks away, manufacturers are furiously working to prep new product releases. Procella Audio is getting a jump on the action, by announcing a pair of new speakers before the show starts.

That’s probably because the company doesn’t want its new P5 loudspeaker and P12 subwoofer to get lost in the insanity of the show. After all, both of the products represent new sizes for the company, as well as new price points. Check out the Procella speakers in The Ultimate Garage Home Theater

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The P5 is a compact, two-way speaker with a 5.25-inch woofer and a 1-inch high-frequency pro compression driver. The latter is mounted on a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide to deliver high output and sonic accuracy. The model also has a Procella Identical Voice crossover for a flat phase response and ultra-low group delay. Measuring 7.5-by-12-by-6.7 inches, this model can be mounted on a wall or tucked away on a shelf.

Procella has paired the P5′s release with the P12, a new 12-inch subwoofer. This model boasts a shallow-depth cabinet, which also houses a 350-watt power amplifier. Other features include a 65mm voice coil and a maximum output of 116dB at 50Hz, promising extension to well below 25Hz. Measuring 22.8-by-17.3-by-7.9 inches (without the grille), the unit has all of its inputs and controls on a recessed back panel, so you can place the sub directly against the wall, if needed.

Both of the new models are designed for smaller rooms, as well as smaller budgets — all without sacrificing quality.

“We are very pleased with the performance of our new P5 and P12 loudspeakers,” said Anders Uggelberg, Procella’s director. “It was challenging to achieve performance at Procella standards while working with smaller form factors and a lower cost requirement. The P5 sets a new standard for dynamic range and uncompressed high-frequency reproduction from a compact loudspeaker, and the P12 compares very favorably to our P10 subwoofer, in an even smaller enclosure and at a lower price. These products enable cinema and audio enthusiasts to create multichannel systems with Procella performance at a price range never before possible.”

Procella plans to start shipping the P5 and the P12 sometime in September. Available in black or white, the P5 is priced at $899 each, with the P12 coming in at $2,699.

Procella’s P12 subwoofer has a 350-watt power amplifier.

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