Procella Audio Goes Big with P610 Speaker

Procella Audio's three-way biamplified speaker is designed for screening rooms and large home cinemas.


Some theater rooms need that extra oomph. For those times when regular speakers just won’t cut it, Procella Audio suggests the P610.

This newly announced solution is a full-range three-way biamplified high-output speaker. Specifically designed for screening rooms and large home cinemas, the P610 has the same 10-inch woofer used in the company’s P10 subwoofer. A separate, rotatable bracket-mounted cabinet houses the 6.5-inch midrange and 1-inch high-frequency compression driver that’s matched to a Procella-designed constant directivity waveguide.

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According to Procella, the P610 features bass extension to 40Hz and the power to accommodate rooms with multiple rows and multiple seats per row.

Promising THX reference-level playback (105dB continuous), the P610 is designed for active biamplification with external power amplifiers. Naturally, the company recommends pairing this speaker with its own DA-1400 4-channel rack-mounted power amplifier.

Measuring 27.4 by 21.3 inches with a depth of 5.9 inches, the P610 can be built into the wall, wall mounted, or placed behind an acoustically transparent screen.

Procella Audio is shipping the P610 to distributors and dealers worldwide now. It has an MSRP of €2,400 (about $3,090 U.S.).


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