Pro Audio Technology Puts Theater Sound into 7-Foot Speakers

The quad-amplified SCR-3215sm Loudspeaker features two 15-inch, 1400-watt woofers.


There’s big sound and there’s the kind of sound that towers over you – literally. Pro Audio Technology just announced the SCR-3215sm Loudspeaker, which measures a mere 7 feet tall.

Of course, that space isn’t filled with dead air. The company promises to use every inch, packing in a pair of 15-inch, 1400-watt woofers that boast a low frequency sensitivity of 102dB with just one watt of input power.

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Weighing in at a total of 350 pounds, this four-way reference speaker is designed to be placed behind an acoustically transparent screen and crank out theater-quality sound. In fact, it promises the same type of technology used in professional movie theaters.

This beast also has a mid/high frequency assembly with a 41-pound ultra high-output compression driver. A 7-inch carbon fiber diaphragm promises the best vocals possible. Upper-mid and high frequencies are taken care of by a coaxial compression driver with an annular polymer diaphragm, boasting sounds beyond 30kHz.

Designed for large or very large rooms, other SCR-3215sm features include a 30-pound motor system, four-inch voice coils, a large format 18-by-22-inch horn, and a maximum output of >130dB.

“I designed my first loudspeaker when I was 16 and have never stopped looking for ways to improve speaker technology,” said Paul Hales, founder of Pro Audio Technology. “The 3215 loudspeaker started as a laboratory experiment to see how far we could push the limits of audio performance, and now it’s a reality with orders already in place. Our dealers can’t wait to let customers hear them in person.”


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