Pro Audio Puts Value in V-Series Speakers

The company's most affordable speaker line works in small- and mid-sized rooms.


Pro Audio Technology (PRO) wants to add something more affordable into its line, announcing the new V-Series loudspeakers. The V supposedly stands for “value,” but you’re going to have to contact a dealer to see what kind of value we’re talking about here. A PR rep outside Pro Audio’s CEDIA booth said the company’s top-line system (being demo’d at the show) clocks in at around $50K installed for speakers and amps.

The line will launch with the SCRS-210v full-range loudspeaker and the LFC-12v subwoofer. Both have enclosures that measure 6 inches deep, making each one perfect for small- and mid-sized rooms.

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“For every large theater brought to us, there are at least six to eight small theater projects with smaller budgets but with the same high levels of expectation,” said Paul Hales, Pro Audio Technology’s founder. “Using intelligent engineering and careful selection of components, we designed the V-Series to deliver the maximum quantity of high resolution sound for the minimum dollar spent.”

The SCRS-210v has two 10-inch woofers, which boast a sound pressure of 102dB, and can handle up to 300 watts of continuous power. According to PRO, the speaker’s 1-inch annular-diaphragm compression driver can also crank 110dB per watt.

As a companion piece, the LFC-12v subwoofer has a 12-inch woofer with 4-inch voice coil, a sensitivity rating of 96dB driven with one watt, and power handling up to 700 watts.

PRO says that DSP processing is a must, and recommends pairing both V-Series units with a PMA amplifier/processor.


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