Prima Cinema Licenses Cinedigm Content for $35K Premium Home Theater

Cinedigm will supply indie films and other content, which is expected to cost users $500 per flick.


Familiar with the name Prima Cinema? That’s about to change. The high-end home theater company just announced an agreement with Cinedigm that will bring exclusive content to its “Premium Home Theater” starting this summer.

Those interested in Prima’s package will need to spend $35,000 on the hardware (which is $15K more than we reported back in 2010), which promises quality that’s better than Blu-ray. The hardware, which was designed by BMW Designworks, also offers 3D support.

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The agreement with Cinedigm means that Premium Home Theater owners will be able to experience theatrical release movies in the privacy of their own home — at a mere $500 a pop. According to Variety, that will be the cost for each theatrical release, which gets delivered directly to the hardware as a secure file. However, that cost doesn’t entitle the big spender to ownership; the release will only be available as long as the film is in theaters.

Cinedigm’s content will include independent films, documentaries and other premium alternative specialty content including ballet, opera, theater, sporting events and musical concerts.

“Prima provides us with a brand-new high-value distribution channel enabling direct access to an established and growing market of private home theater screens,” says Chris McGurk, Cinedigm’s chairman & CEO. “Additionally, with the associated premium business model it could represent a significant new revenue stream for us.”

Variety says that a few of the titles expected to be available to Prima viewers will include Sundance Documentary Audience Award winner The Invisible War and SXSW Midnighter Audience Award winner Citadel.


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