Premier Ships AM100 Swing-Out Mount

Designed for flat panels, the ultra-slim, swing-out mount is now shipping.


When buying an HDTV, the mount always seems to be an afterthought. Premier Mounts is hoping to get one of its products into the swing of things, launching the AM100.

The new AM100 is designed for today’s flat panels, with a ton of nifty features. The most obvious is the super-slim mounting wall plate, which has three arm placement options for the desired swing-out location. That basically means that you can swing the TV out from the left, right or center.

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Other features include detachable mounting brackets and a back plate, which boasts an easy installation process. That way, the TV can be mounted separately, after the mount has been secured to the wall.

Premier says that the mount can retract a mere 1.46 inches from the wall or extend up to 30 inches, via the articulating arm. From there, it can provide 15 degrees of downward tilt, 180 degrees or swivel and 180 degrees of pivot. It also has a universal mounting pattern up to 630-by-526mm and a weight capacity of 100 pounds.

“The AM100 is another example of the outcome of Premier Mounts’ precision design,” says Mike Boussiere, senior design engineer at Premier Mounts. “Each unique feature works together to create a unified, versatile, and user-friendly product that is guaranteed with a lifetime warranty and is what sets Premier Mounts’ products apart from all others.”


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