Power Protection Meets Energy Savings

APC’s new battery backups offer a host of features for A/V and office gear.


Want to protect your investments in home entertainment or office gear, have battery backup—and perhaps save some energy and money?

APC by Schneider Electric has announced new additions to its power conditioning line of products with the release of the J25B and J35B battery backup solutions. The company says the Power Conditioning Battery Backups in its J Type series are the first to combine Electromagnetic Interference/Radio Frequency Interference (EMI/RFI) protection, surge protection, Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) and battery backup in single solutions.

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The APC J25B and J35B offer:

• Battery Backup – Data loss is eliminated when power is disrupted because of battery backup that enables saving and backing up DVR recordings, stored games and computer files.
• Multi-Stage Surge Protection – All electrical modes are guaranteed and offer protected and reliable thermal fusing which helps ensure safe operation under all conditions.
• Noise Filtering – Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is reduced to help ensure optimum picture and sound quality. The J Type benefits from two filterbanks which are isolated from each other to reduce cross contamination that can negatively impact audio and video performance.
• Cost-Efficiency and Portability – The industry-low price point offers a portable, consumer-friendly and all-inclusive solution with EMI/RFI, surge protection, AVR and battery backup.
• Dual-Color LCD Display Viewing – An informative display alerts users of any changing device and power environment conditions and subsequently enables adjustment of all device parameters.
Both the J25B and J35B have with eight outlets (six battery plus surge and two surge-only), 1500VA capacity, COAX and phone protection jacks and lifetime equipment protection policies.

Energy Savings

The APC J35B also provides power saving master and controlled outlets that detect when a TV or computer plugged into the master outlet is off or in standby mode and as a result cuts power to connected components or peripherals. This power detection is not only energy efficient but can save $40 a year in electric bills, according to APC.

The APC J35B also features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), which stabilizes unsafe voltage levels that can cause premature failure of sensitive components inside AV equipment. Low voltage is ‘boosted’ and over-voltage is ‘trimmed’ so that equipment sees only safe, stable voltages. Units without AVR switch to battery power during unsafe voltage fluctuations, which means more wear and tear on batteries, which can translate to a shorter battery life. AVR also enables batteries to remain at full charge more often, ensuring that during power outages battery backup is at the ready.

The APC J25B and J35B are available for $249 and $399 respectively through channel distributors and in national retail chains in North America.


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