Polk Makes N1 Soundbar and 4 Shot Headphones for Xbox One

The company will also start selling 133t headphones for Xbox 360 users.


Just last week, Polk Audio put out a tease that the company was working on products for the upcoming Xbox One gaming/entertainment console. Today, the Polk N1 Soundbar made its debut alongside a pair of 4 Shot Gaming Headphones.

Both were made in conjunction with Microsoft, so that each audio product would be finely tuned to the new Xbox One experience.

The N1 is a soundbar with custom audio settings designed with gaming in mind. Polk’s engineers considered the audio of different games, including music, ambient details, special effects and dialogue. From there, the company created four immersion modes. FPS and Racer can be used for game play, with Cinema and Music made for entertainment outside of the gaming realm. Polk plans to make the N1 available this fall in black on black and vanilla with contrasting wood.

For a more personal experience, the Shot for Xbox One packs Polk sound into a lightweight, ergonomic design. It also has a near-field microphone for gamer chat or taking calls, as well as a spring-steel headband and pivoting ear cups.

In case you’re unsure about adding the Xbox One into your arsenal, Polk is also planning to release the 133t, a pair of new headphones for Xbox 360 users. Both sets of headphones will be available sometime in the fourth quarter of 2013, in desert white, nova blue, and ink black.

“The transformation of the gaming console into an entertainment portal for the entire family presented an opportunity to innovate new audio products that could deliver a listening experience to match the lavish visual worlds of today’s games and movies,” said Mark Suskind, vice president of product line development at Polk. “The N1 soundbar and 4 Shot and 133t headphones create a soundstage that goes far beyond the physical products and allow gamers to experience these fantastic virtual worlds in an entirely new way.”

Polk will be showing the new products at E3 2013, which runs from June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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