Polk is Working on Audio Goodies for the Xbox One

The company is collaborating with Microsoft on a series of custom audio products for the upcoming console.


A sneak peek at the products Polk will announce at E3 this month.

Just a few weeks back, Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox One gaming console. Even if you aren’t a gamer, don’t even think of tuning out. This isn’t going to be your average gaming device. As our own Grant Clauser said, “The system was conceived to be the center console in your home entertainment system.”

It will provide access to games, movies, TV, music and social media. That basically means that you’re going to need some pretty cool audio and video. Polk Audio is ready to deliver one of those things, through a series of add-ons. The company just announced that it is working with Microsoft to create a line of premium audio products specifically for use with the Xbox One.

Nothing has been formally announced yet. However, Polk says that that the company is working with Microsoft’s team to engineer Xbox One-specific products, which will include a soundbar and headphones. Each of the new products will be optimized to deliver audio finely tuned to the new Xbox One experience.

“Our goal with this partnership was to create a sound system that aesthetically complements the Xbox One’s place in the center of the living room and brings to life the fantastic worlds of entertainment through superior audio quality and performance,” said Mark Suskind, vice president of product line development at Polk. “Our teams had a shared vision for excellence and passion for completing the all-in-one entertainment experience of the Xbox One with products that deliver spectacular sound for every scenario.”

Polk will officially launch its new line of Xbox One products at E3 2013, which runs from June 11-13 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


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