Pole Dance for a 90-inch TV

Unique mounting system puts Sharp LED TV and Leon soundbar in the pole position.


Faced with an oddly shaped entertainment area, and a desire for a really big screen, the owners of this large, open family room were left scratching their heads about the best location for a 90-inch Sharp LED TV and surround-sound system. “The room was shaped like a trapezoid, so there really wasn’t a flat wall to mount the TV to that would allow the screen to be visible from the kitchen and dining areas, which are about 80 feet away,” says Bryan Gorog, president of BCG Concepts, a home systems design and installation company in Los Angeles. “Placing the TV on a stand was a doable option, but vetoed by the homeowners as being an eyesore.”

Fans of modern, industrial design, the owners were thrilled to hear Gorog’s suggestion of mounting the TV to an aluminum pole. A first for BCG Concepts, the design would incorporate two poles extending from the floor to ceiling. The poles were predrilled too, so that a mounting bracket for the TV could be attached, and were secured to the subfloor on the bottom and the ceiling joist on the top for structural support.

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The poles also provided open avenues through which to hide the electrical and low-voltage cabling. One pole holds electrical; the other low-voltage. The cabling runs through the crawlspace to an equipment rack in a closet on the main level of the house. Here, the owners have the option of choosing audio and video content from a Blu-ray Disc player, Apple TV, DirecTV receiver, Denon home theater receiver with AirPlay, and surveillance cameras. A Sonos system is their go-to component for music, which plays through the Leon soundbar attached to the bottom of the TV, a pair of Definitive Technology speakers tucked into the ceiling and a Definitive Audio subwoofer planted in the wall behind a couch.

The owners can choose and control the A/V components conveniently from a Control4 remote, which displays the media option of the screen of the 90-incher. In addition to A/V control, the Control4 system was set up and programmed by BCG Concepts to provide simple operation of the home’s lights and thermostats.

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