Polaroid Unveils New 3D Eyewear Collection

Polaroid Eyewear has new products for the home, pro and gaming markets.


This year’s Consumer Electronics Show didn’t have as much 3D as we were expecting, but it certainly had a presence — a better looking one, in some cases. Polaroid Eyewear is hoping that you’ll ditch some of the dorky looking glasses out there, in favor of the Polaroid Premium 3D Vision collection.

The new line features a choice of exclusive, stylish frames that use passive circular-polarized 3D technology. Each pair also boasts an extended field of vision, as well as thermofusion technology for distortion-free viewing and full UV protection.

The company also announced the new Polaroid Professional 3D collection, as well as the Polaroid Dual Gaming glasses collection. Using circular polarized technology, those gaming glasses are designed for users engaged in multiplayer gaming, so during split-screen viewers can see individual game play on the full screen. In other words, you’ll get a glimpse of a single screen, even during split-screen viewing.

Promising a comfortable, lightweight fit, there’s no word on when Polaroid will release any of the above lines to the public — and at what price.


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