PMA: More People Want Projectors

Pacific Media Associates says that movies are driving the interest in home theater projectors.


Sony's VPL-HW30ES is a popular 3D projector.

We know that you are interested in the latest and greatest home theater projectors. However, Pacific Media Associates says you are not alone.

According to the research firm’s end user survey, about 18 percent of respondents expect to buy a projector versus some other type of large-screen display. This number is up from 11 percent in 2009. Despite more people wanting to buy that projector, however, the same respondents are planning to place that new purchase in a media room instead of a dedicated home theater. PMA says that consumers have scaled back on large-scale remodeling projects and are opting for brands offering competitive pricing.

When it comes to brands Sony, Panasonic, Acer and LG are the most widely owned, with Sony, LG and JVC listed as the “the most intended brands.”

Either way, it looks like consumers are still interested in getting that big-screen experience from the comfort of the couch. About 25 percent of users said they save the projector for movie nights, with 3D sports, games and regular 3D TV programming also gaining popularity.


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