Peerless-AV to Start Shipping 47-Inch Outdoor TV

The maintenance-free 1080p TV will be available next month.

We’re still wearing double socks, but that doesn’t mean we’re not thinking warm thoughts. After all, planning for outdoor entertainment is a year-round process. That’s probably why Peerless-AV has announced plans to start shipping its 47″ Consumer Outdoor TV next month.

The 47-incher is the latest in the company’s line of outdoor TVs. The all-season solution allows you to get in touch with nature (or your patio at least), while indulging in a full 1080p HD image. The set will also do fine without you, since it’s both water- and dust-resistant, with an IP65 rating. Also worth noting is that the company says that the TV can survive temperatures ranging from -24 degrees Fahrenheit to 124 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Designed to be completely maintenance-free, the 47″ Outdoor TV has aluminum and safety glass to shelter it from the elements.

“Homeowners and restaurant and bar owners are looking for outdoor entertainment solutions that offer style, function, and advanced features all within a comfortable price point,” said Hal Truax, managing director of retail sales for Peerless-AV. “With our new 47″ Outdoor TV, they get all of this and more. Our TV is essentially a better quality product offered at a comparable cost to other similar products in the market today.”

Peerless-AV has yet to announce what that cost may be. However, the 47″ Outdoor TV is expected to ship by mid-February. The new model will join the rest of the Peerless-AV’s outdoor lineup, which includes TVs ranging from 32 to 55 inches.

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