Peel Update is Making TV More Social

The newly launched Peel 2.0 App connects TV watchers via social networking features.


Don’t want your friends and family to know how much you love Jersey Shore and The Real Housewives? Then you probably don’t want Peel 2.0.

Just announced at the Consumer Electronics Show, this is the next generation of the remote control app. The new hook is that it now has social networking built in, so you can share favorite shows and even “guilty pleasures.” It also allows Peel users to peek in on what friends and family are watching, as well as follow contacts, post recommendations, and even comment — all within the Peel App.

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The new features appear to be an iOS exclusive, and available now through the iTunes store. The company says that the new features can be used as a stand-alone app or paired with Peel’s $99 Smart Remote device.

“Adding the Peel social platform furthers our goal of creating the ultimate television second screen companion for our users,” said Greg Lindley, Peel’s chief experience officer. “TV can be a very community-oriented experience, especially with shows that inspire viewer passion. Many shows spark conversation – whether it’s a competitive talent program or a dramatic season premier – Peel wants to encourage and foster these conversations within your social network to create an even more personalized and interactive viewing experience.”

Users can log into Peel 2.0 within the app or using a Facebook login. Once in the program, you’ll be treated to recommendations, comments, and the option to follow other users. Other options include Guilty Pleasures, Favorite Programs, Recommendations, Last 5 Shows Watched and Most Watched Shows.


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