Pass Labs Doubles Your Pleasure with Two-Chassis Xs Preamplifier

The new component is designed to match the company's dual-chassis Xs-300 and Xs-150 amplifiers.

Pass Laboratories is ending the week with a new product in its lineup. The company just started shipping the Xs Preamplifier, a new flagship model.

Designed by Wayne Colburn, the Xs Preamp is made to complement the dual-chassis Xs-300 and Xs-150 Amplifiers. It boasts a frequency response of –3dB at 2Hz and 60kHz, as well as a signal-to-noise ratio of –110dB.

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The hook is that this model features two large chassis, which pack in a dual-moaural topology. It has a power supply board with 100,000-microfarad (uF) capacitors and silicon carbide semiconductors, as well as circuit boards with Class-A circuitry and DC-compensation to maintain peak performance.

Making the Xs Preamp even prettier is the high-def display on the front of the unit. This features a 20-character display that can be seen across the room — if you want to see it, that is. It can also be dimmed or turned off completely.

The rear panel is just as nice, with six single-ended, balanced inputs, including a pass-through, a tape loop, and dual-power input connections. It also has two fixed outputs and one variable, both of which are single-ended, balanced and suitable for bi-amping.

Pass Labs is shipping the Xs Preamplifier with its own remote and a $38,000 MSRP.

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