Parasound Starts Shipping Zamp Quattro Amplifier

The four-channel/two-zone amp is part of the Z-Custom line of half-rack-width components.


Parasound is ending the week on a good note — a loud one, too.

The company just started shipping the Zamp Quattro, a new four-channel/two-zone power amplifier. As part of the Z-Custom line, this is a new half-rack-width component, but with more channels and more power.

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The Zamp Quattro uses a Swedish Class D amp, with a rugged build. It also has additional output filtering, low impedance loads, and is protected from short-circuited speaker wires.

Other features include automatic turn on options via a 12-volt and an ultra-sensitive audio trigger, as well as RCA line input jacks and speaker-level inputs to integrate with receivers lacking pre-amp outputs. Channels 3 and 4 can be connected with RCA jacks or to a bus from Zone 1. Level controls are rear-mounted and speaker outputs are 10 amp terminal blocks.

“Parasound Zamps have been spec’d by custom installers for nearly 20 years for their high quality sound and compact size,” said Richard Schram, the president and founder of Parasound. “We expect installers will find creative uses for the Zamp Quattro. For example, four Zamp Quattros provides 16 channels of Parasound quality amplification in two rack spaces.”

Parasound just started shipping the Zamp Quattro, with an MSRP of $650. Optional accessories include a matching blank panel to rack-mount a single set, a panel coupler to rack-mount any two Z-Custom models, and the half-rack-width Zrack to mount up to five Z-Custom components.

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