Paradigm’s New Streamlined Monitor Series 7 Speakers

The new speaker line aims to be as aesthetically pleasing as they are aurally pleasing.


This week Paradigm pulled the wraps of its new Monitor Series 7 speakers, a redesign of the monitor series that incorporates both aesthetic changes as well new acoustic tweaks. The Monitor Series full line covering towers, bookshelf and centers.

Did you know that speaker grilles can capture some of the sound before it hits your hears? To address that Paradigm designed a honeycomb architecture to help retain more of the acoustic integrity. The new grilles also are magnetically attached and self align. Overall, the speakers have taken a 20 percent reduction in footprint—meaning they’ll take up less room while still making as much noise, um, music.

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Among other design tweaks is a new MDF baffle that adds solidity and reduces cabinet resonance. A few features from the company’s Reference line have also been incorporated into the Monitor series such as a waveguide design for improved high-frequency dispersion, S-PAL satin-anodized pure-aluminum cones, lightweight foam-rubber surround geometry, and large ferrite magnets; super neodymium magnets in Monitor 11 dedicated midrange driver.

Monitor Series 7 is available in Black Ash and Heritage Cherry finish. Surrounds are in Black.:

Suggested Prices:

Atom Monitor: $199
Mini Monitor: $279
Monitor 7: $449
Monitor 9: $599
Monitor 11: $799
Center 1: $379
Center 3: $599
Surround 1: $279
Surround 3 $399


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