Paradigm Millenia LP 2 and LP XL Speakers Go On-wall or Anywhere

Perfectly matched for flat panel TVs

If you’ve just taken home a fancy new Ultra HD TV that sits flush against the wall, you need some thin but high-performance speakers to go along with it. Paradigm has two solutions for your problem, the new Millenia LP 2 or Millenia LP XL speakers are perfect for you media room or home theater.

Both the Millenia LP 2 or XL models sit less than two inches from your wall (which is probably less than your TV when mounted), but they also come with stands, so you don’t have to hang them on a wall if you don’t want to.

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The Millenia LP 2 and XL speakers by Paradigm

Most audiophiles will tell you to place speakers away from the wall because close proximity to walls can impact some speakers’ performance. Paradigm took this into account when designing the Millenia LPs and incorporated features that balance the effects of a wall on the speaker’s frequency response. The result is rich detailed sound with strong bass. The speaker’s construction is designed to reduce vibration, even when played very loudly.

The new Millenia LPs include high-frequency drivers. They’re designed for either stereo or home theater surround sound use.

The Millenia LP 2s cost $499 each. The Millenia LP XLs cost $699 each. Both will be available August 2014.

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