Panasonic to Make 3D Home Theater Projector

The new projector will be a 3D successor to the PT-AE4000U


Panasonic's 2D PT-AE4000U projector.

At the industry trade show Infocomm this week, Panasonic let loose that it is developing a 3D high definition projector for home theater viewing.

While details are sparse, Panasonic said the new projector will be a successor to the 2D model PT-AE4000U, a three-chip LCD model with 1080p resolution. In that projector, the company incorporated a 2.35:1 cinematic lens memory feature.

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That’s about all they’re saying at this point. We assume it will be an active shutter glasses system, as Panasonic uses that technology in its 3D plasma TVs. We also assume it will be out or officially launched by this year’s CEDIA Expo—at least we hope it is so we can check it out in Indianapolis.

Here’s the press release if you want to read for yourself.


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