Panasonic Starts Shipping 2013 Blu-ray Players

The new lineup includes two 3D players and two 2D players.


Earlier today, Panasonic announced two streaming set-top boxes. However, that’s not the only way the company is delivering a web fix into your AV setup. Panasonic just started shipping all of its 2013 Blu-ray players.

A total of six players will be offered this year. The new models are the 3D-capable DMP-BDT330 and DMP-BDT230, with the 2D options being the DMP-BD89 and DMP-BD79. Panasonic is also going to pick up the DMP-BDT500 and DMP-BBT 3D Blu-ray players from its 2012 lineup.

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All of the models have external HDD playback and a web browser, with five of the six featuring built-in WiFi. (The BD79 just needs an adapter for wireless access.)

The four 3D Blu-ray players have 2D-to-3D conversion and access to everything under Panasonic’s VIERA Connect offering. The 2D players have web streaming, but are limited to Netflix, Hulu Plus, VUDU, CinemaNow and YouTube.

To set them apart, the BDT330 includes 4K upscaling and the Miracast display mirroring feature, with the BDT500 having a 192kHz/32bit Audio DAC. Both of these models also have twin HDMI ports.

Panasonic has priced the 2D players at $79.99 for the DMP-BD79 and $99.99 for the DMP-BD89. The 3D players include the DMP-BDT230 ($129.99), the DMP-BDT330 ($199.99), the DMP-BBT01 ($269.99), and the DMP-BDT500 ($349.99). All are shipping now.


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