Panasonic Puts Massage into Theater Chairs

This seat option can work your muscles with heat up to 108 degrees.


As if home theater didn’t induce enough drooling. Panasonic just announced a possible seating option, with the EP-MA70 Real Pro Ultra luxury massage chair.

So in addition to comfy home theater seating, the Real Pro Ultra chair can also work your tired bones, muscles, and everything else.

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We’ve seen some pretty impressive theater seats. However, this is the first one that’s designed to mimic professional hot stone therapy. With the ability to reach up to 108 degrees, Panasonic says that the chair can actually simulate the hands of a professional masseuse, increase blood flow and decrease stress and tension.

It also has advanced pressure sensor technology, which maps and adjusts to each person’s height, spinal curvature, and other physical attributes. That way, the chair can deliver a killer, customized full-body massage.

Other features include adjustable headrest and armrests, as well as an extendable ottoman.

Choose between Onyx Black or Almond high-quality faux leather. Panasonic’s Real Pro Ultra chair is available now at authorized dealers, with the MSRP listed as $7,999.99.


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