Panasonic Adds to Avatar 3D Promotion Again

The manufacturer will offer the Blu-ray 3D with select Blu-ray 3D products.


Panasonic is expanding its exclusive “Avatar” Blu-ray 3D disc program. Consumers that purchase one of the company’s Blu-ray 3D disc players or a home theater in a box (HTiB) will receive a copy of the highly sought after movie.

The movie, which ignited interest in 3D content, is currently not available through normal retail avenues. Prior to Panasonic’s expansion of its “Avatar” 3D promotion, the electronics giant required consumers to purchase one of its 3D televisions to get the 3D version of the movie. “As a leader in Full HD 3D technology, Panasonic is proud to offer this exclusive bonus designed to give consumers the opportunity to bring the immersive world of 3D and Avatar 3D into their homes,” says Richard Simone, vice president of Panasonic’s entertainment group. “We are confident that a Panasonic Blu-ray disc player or system is the best possible way to fully appreciate the added dimension of this stunning movie while in the comfort of one’s home.”

The “Avatar” Blu-ray 3D disc promotion runs from now until Feb. 29, 2012. Here is a list of products that comply with the promotion and the link to the mail-in rebate form to receive a copy of the movie:

  • DMP-BDT310 Blu-ray disc player

  • DMP-BDT210 Blu-ray disc player
  • DMP-BDT215 Blu-ray disc player
  • DMP-BDT115 Blu-ray disc player
  • SC-BTT770 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater System
  • SC-BTT370 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater System
  • SC-BTT270 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater System
  • SC-BTT268 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater System
  • SC-BTT273 Blu-ray 3D Home Theater System

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