Panamorph Makes Lenses Compatible with Sony 4K Projectors

Panamorph promises to enhance your Sony experience with the DC1 Lens System.


Is it possible to make the image from a 4K projector even more impressive? Maybe if you have Sony’s VPL-VW1000ES projector and Panamorph’s DC1 Lens System.

Panamorph Inc. just announced that the kit is now compatible with Sony’s 4K projector. The combination promises a 4K ultra-widescreen performance that’s never been seen — at least in the home market.

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According to the company, the DC1 features optics with custom multilayer dielectric coatings to produce even more impressive images. Yes, it actually makes 4K even better.

When used with the Sony VPL-VW1000ES 4K projector and a 2.40:1 projection screen, the DC1 boasts better resolution and an 80-percent larger image. That’s because the DC1 allows you to switch to a cinemascope format, so you won’t have those black letterbox bars wasting pixels. However, it does that without having to sacrifice the resolution. In fact, Panamorph says that the DC1 can deliver a 30-percent brighter image over a standard 16:9 home theater.

Amy Escobio, Sony’s marketing manager for the front projector category, says that the DC1 System can deliver the highest resolution images in an ultra widescreen home cinema.

Panamorph has made the DC1 with a slick appearance and piano black finish, to complement the VPL-VW1000ES. Both products are available now, with the DC1 exclusive to authorized dealers.


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