Panamax Debuts MR4000 Power Management for Home Theaters

The first in the MR Series promises form, function, and an enhanced AV performance.


We’ve all experienced power problems, whether it was for a few seconds, a few days, or (yikes) a few weeks. The pain of being without that magical juice pales in comparison to what an outage can do to your AV setup. If you’re going to bother to cobble together any sort of home theater, it makes sense to squeeze out few extra dollars for power protection.

Yeah, yeah… it’s the least glamorous of all of the components in your setup. It’s also one of the most important — at least if you want to keep that equipment for a while.

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Panamax is making the decision to add power protection a little easier to swallow, with its newly announced MR4000. As the first product in the MR Series, this cost-effective power management solution features some nice benefits for AV users.

First of all, it has Protect or Disconnect and Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) circuitry. This is designed to protect your electronics from power issues, as well as maximize AV performance via Level 2 Noise Filtration. The latter can eliminate all of those pops, hisses, hums, and visual artifacts associated with contaminated power.

With eight surge-protected outlets, coaxial and LAN pass-through protection ports, the MR4000 should be enough to cover your system. It’s also extremely affordable, at $199.95.

“The MR4000 represents the first Panamax component-level product to be offered for less than $200,” said Dave Keller, Panamax/Furman’s senior VP of sales and marketing. “It provides an incredible value for entry to mid-level home theater systems, where it is designed to keep A/V equipment performing at its full capability while reducing device failures and system downtime due to power problems. This also lowers long-term costs by decreasing equipment replacement and service calls. Despite its entry-level price, the MR4000 offers advanced technology with an inspired design that perfectly complements today’s components, and brings a touch of class to any home theater system.”


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