Over 920 Million Connected Devices for 2012

Parks Associates says that new connected devices will include web features, voice controls, and more.


Web TV used to be a novelty. Now, it’s becoming standard — and not just on big-screen HDTVs. According to Parks Associates, a new crop of connected devices is coming this year.

The research firm predicts 920 million connected devices to be sold in just 2012, which will include HDTVs, smartphones and tablets. When you factor in cloud-based services, the category should surpass $8.5 billion by 2015.

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In 2011, we saw plenty of HDTVs, Blu-ray players, tablets and smartphones getting into value-added services. Besides those web-enabled devices, Parks says to expect more multifunction e-readers, Android involvement, and even more voice-controlled devices. The company also says that TV’s role in the home will continue to grow, as content spreads across multiple screens and into the cloud. We can also look forward to more value-added services, such as energy management.

Parks Associates is planning to highlight more of its recent research about the connected devices market at the Connections Summit during next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Summit will be held during the show, in Las Vegas, on January 10, 2012.


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