Outdoor Theater Features a Hidden 9-Foot HDTV

These Michigan State University fans love to experience games in the great outdoors.


Photo by Colorworks Studio/Jeff Garland.

It’s not always easy to score tickets to the big game. However, just because you can’t be there, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good seat for the event.

These Michigan State University fans built an outdoor theater for entertaining and those game days (and nights). So while they can’t always see the events live, they can be part of the outdoor action, with close proximity to free snack treats.

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According to Houzz.com, Colorworks Studio designed the outdoor space, with Grand Home Automation doing all of the AV work. It includes a 9-foot screen that’s hidden by a remote-controlled retractable glass door, weatherproof speakers, and whole-house WiFi. Everything from music to channel-surfing is easily accessible via an iPad.

Most of the other equipment is kept inside this Ann Arbor home, away from the elements. That crop of components includes a projector, which serves both inside and out, by shooting a picture on the back of the pictured screen. Other features include outdoor heaters, a fire pit, and a full kitchen area.

For more pics and other info about the home, check out the original article at Houzz.com.

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